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By 2022, 60% of businesses globally would be employing cloud services in their operations. BeyonData provides your business with customized roadmap including a comprehensive cloud migration and integration strategy to align the best cloud computing technology and implement effective cloud solutions.

How we help?

BeyonData helps you transform the way you run your business. With our cloud solutions, you can make your data accessible, helping to centralize your business operations and making them quicker and more efficient.

Our solutions give you an all-inclusive strategy for enhancing your IT ecosystem and integrating Cloud in your operations with which you have better control over the company statistics, data, and analytics. This, in turn, helps you make better decisions.

Why it’s needed?

  • To access data and information anytime, anywhere
  • To utilize the IT infrastructure for better decision making
  • To enhance security, productivity, and management
  • To reduce hardware and overhead maintenance costs
  • To increase the overall efficiency of the company
  • To reduce accidental data infringement and promote transparency

What we offer?

A comprehensive migration and integration strategy of applications and database to cloud, including:

  • Cloud Advisory, Assessment and Adoption Strategy
  • Mass Database Migration and Application Management
  • Database Refactoring with Minimal Downtime
  • 100% Integration of your On-Premise Applications
  • Data Analytics in the Cloud (including ETL, Data Warehousing, Dashboards)
  • TCO analysis and Cloud-Agnostic Application Framework

Cloud Platforms We Support